A couple of weeks ago I was trolling around the Warrior Forum and found some posts regarding SENuke. I d heard bits and pieces about this product in the past, but never paid a lot of attention to it.
Big Mistake on My Part! I jumped over to their site and found a sort of One-Stop Shop for all your SEO needs (well, most of them, anyway, for local SEO purposes). I don t want to turn this into a sales page for SENuke, but I do want to point out a couple of the features that really cut down on the time you (or your Assistant) will spend doing the actual SEO work. 
SENuke Review: A SEO Tool Worth Considering
SENuke Review: A SEO Tool Worth Considering
First, they have a keyword research tool that will analyze Google results for that word or phrase and then provide you with an opinion as to whether conquering Google for that term will be easy, difficult, hard or impossible (they don t use the word impossible but when you see the phrases indicating great difficulty, think impossible and move on to the next niche.) 
Why use a ladder to get one orange from the top of a tree when there is so much low hanging fruit you can grab without even stretching? By searching for your exact local search key phrase (such as Charlotte Plumbing ) you can find out in seconds if you have identified a niche that will be simple for you to boost a poorly ranked site onto Page One of the 
Google search results. It you get an easy response, move forward. If you get impossible then pick another city and start over.
This tool alone makes SENuke worth the monthly subscription fee. But a second module (it has seven of them total) makes this a no-brainer for me. They have built an auto-submitter that will create around 500 profile accounts for the same kinds of sites that you get from Angela every month for $5. 
SENuke Review: A SEO Tool Worth Considering
What this tool does is automatically open profile accounts and post the links (using anchor text, such as Charlotte Plumbers ) in more PR5-9 accounts than you will ever need in order to secure and maintain Page One rankings for your client sites. And it does this in a matter of minutes, rather than days.
This means you can accept two or three times as many clients at one time than you would be able to if you were manually setting up these links each month. I was taking on 10 new clients at a time because that was the most I could handle comfortably. 
Now I search for 30 at a time, and turn my Assistant le on SENuke, setting up profiles and using a few of the other modules (RSS, Social Bookmarking, Article Directory) to build additional backlinks for my client sites over time. 
The Pro Level membership runs about $129 a month, and it is without a doubt the BEST $129 you will spend, if you take this business seriously. 
You can automate almost ALL of the tasks involved in bumping an existing site to Page One, and by using an off-shore assistant (like mine) really spend no more than an hour a day overseeing your growing empire of clients.
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