If you followed my directions from first post to end post of  25k Week System, 30-45 days should have passed and your first batch of clients are now put to bed and need nothing more than some minor linking done for the next 11 months. 
So what do you do now? Start over again. Select another 10 cities on your list and start searching out the poorly ranked web sites for your niche. Send out the emails.
Sign up 10 new clients. Start 10 new linking campaigns. When you have THOSE 10 clients put to bed Start over again. Along the way, get a website developed that you can point your prospective clients towards, that explains what you do for businesses in their niche. 
This can help you close clients who just need a slight additional push before they sign the contract. Also, after you have personally done the linking for your first few clients, look to outsource that work to someone else who will do it for peanuts. Your job should simply be to find new clients. 
Let someone else do all the grunt wok of setting up forum profiles and links. You can look at forums like DigitalPoint or WarriorForum and find people who advertise specifically for Angela s Links, and will do the entire month s campaign for $10-20. If you have 10 clients, you can sometimes bargain them down to a smaller fee per client in exchange for sending all of your work their way.
Another option you can explore is hiring your own Virtual Assistant (VA) from India or the Philippines. For simple linking tasks you can get a 40 hour a week employee for $200-300 a month. Yes, that s not a typo. $200-$300 a month. If you want someone who is a bit more experienced and can do more complicated tasks, you ll pay a bit more each month, but usually not more than $400 a month.
Try finding a 40 hour a week employee in the US for $400 a month. It simply can t be done. I m not going to go into how to hire a VA there is plenty of information on that at the WarriorForum in both the free and the paid sections. Just remember, YOU don t get paid for linking. 
YOU get paid for bringing in new clients. Set this up the right way and you can run a half million dollar a year business (or more) and spend less than 5 hours a week doing it. And isn t that the whole idea behind using the internet to make money? But there is one guarantee I can make to you without any fear of being called a liar or a fraud. I can guarantee that if you don t take action on what you ve just read, you are not going to make any money from this incredibly easy SEO business.
The SEO fairy is NOT going to leave $25k under your pillow tonight just because you bought and read this information. You MUST take action on this, or you ve wasted a golden opportunity to set up an income stream that 99.99% of the world s population can only dream of. So the ball is now in your court.
I sincerely hope you don t just let this one pass you by. Get busy with Step One, and then follow through with Step Two. If you will just take some small action to begin with, the subsequent steps get easier and easier to follow through on, and before you know it, you ve had a $25,000 Weekend, with plenty more just like them to come.
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