So If you have a website or blog – but now you need to tell google and all the other search engines to index your website.  
How exactly do we do that?  The easiest ways are as follows:

Google Webmaster Tools: Register with Google Webmaster Tools, register your website with them, and submit your sitemap.  Webmaster Tools will also offer you a lot of advice on your website which can help you in the future, and let you know if there are any problems with your websites.

Yahoo Site Explorer: Submit your website to Yahoo Site Explorer much like Google Webmaster Tools, and submit your sitemap to Yahoo too.

Bing Webmaster Tools: Just like the above two – register your website with Bing Webmaster Tools and submit your sitemap.

Write An Article: Write an article for an external source, like an article submission website.  A nice easy one to start off with is EZineArticles.  Write a 400-500 word article on a topic relevant to your website, and add a footer link linking to your website.  

Then submit it.  External links from high pagerank websites always help in getting your website submitted into search engines.

Submit to BOTW: BOTW, or Best of the Web, is one of the best online directories to submit your website to. They don’t accept just anybody – only quality websites – therefore their links are all deemed trustworthy by search engines. Check out Best of the Web.
If you have any friends with blogs or websites you can even ask them to throw up a link to your website too.
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