Simply placing uploading your video to YouTube won't be effective to get viewers to send to your landing page. In order for you work to pay off you'll need to do use some tactics.
Before Reading this article i recommends you Read: YouTube Video Creation and Optimization Guide for Your Niche
Our Ranking Strategy: 
Viral Signals A unique trick to get YouTube to think more highly of your video is to make YouTube think it has gone viral. This is done by initially leaving the video as private, driving real/organic views to the video, and then switching to `public' 
Initial Video Settings
We will want to make our videos private initially. We'll do this in order to pimp the video in terms of views, etc. There seems to be some signals that YouTube picks up and uses to rank the video when you turn the video from private to public. But in order to strengthen these signals there is some groundwork which needs to happen. Just make sure you initial video upload setting is set to private. 
Getting Initial Views
There are a number of Fiverr gigs which will provide views for an excellent price, however, you are risking your video (and potentially entire account) from being blacklisted. Since we are after a long-term use of our video we will follow safe practices here. 
We'll need a minimum of 1,000 views prior to activating out videos ­ changing from `private' to `public'. The safe way to get views is to make sure they are organic views. There are a few resources we can use to generate views but here is my recommendation.
To get cheap (a few cents per view) 'real views' go to:
Social signals are important for your YouTube optimization if you want long-term stickiness. This can be performed in many different ways but keep these things in mind: 
  • You need to roll it out slowly 
  • This reinforces your video if you want it rated for a long time - so it's sticky 
  • Use a combination of social bookmarking and social shares
Fiverr Gigs There are a number of Fiverr gigs which can be used for backlinking, etc.
Also consider a service called `Tribepro'. Tribepro is a social backlinking service.
YouTube Videos
Here is my recipe for performing backlinks, and rolling out the SEO (backlinks) 
Round One:
1) Social Backlinks Batch 1 -> YouTube Video Link 
2) SEO it over a month period - YouTube Video Link (so roll the gig out over a month period) 
Round Two:
1) Social Backlinks Batch 2 -> Social Backlinks Batch 1 
2) SEO over a month period -> Social Backlinks Batch 1 (second month - just do linkage to the first batch of social backlinks) 
When you start pointing the original backlinks then you get an exponential return - more momentum. Think of this as link juice. Ends up looking like: Batch 2 -> Batch 1 -> YouTube Video Again, your goal is to look natural.
Making Google Aware: In order to get make the SERPS aware of your videos presence you'll need to announce it. You can use two primary methods to accelerate this process. 
Go to 1) Add your: - url - keywords / niche name
After you click submit you should see the following message : 
YOUR URL Pinged Successfully to 104 Search Engines with Random Private Proxies 
CONGRATS Webmaster... Pinging is DONE ... checkout other tools at Do further RSS work: Anthony Hayes has made free tools available. These are invaluable resources and he should certainly be charging money for these. This is one of the best: YouTube RSS Feed Tool
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