Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Warrior forum. It’s an internet marketing forum that has a section where you can pay a small fee (20 bucks) to list an offer. It can be a service, an e- book, software... whatever! All you need to do is create your product or offer a service, write a quick sales letter for it, pay $20 and that’s it. 

Instantly thousands of ready to buy prospects (internet marketers browsing a section of the forum where stuff is sold) will see your offer.

 Never before have I come across such an easy and cost effective way to instantly get traffic. By the time you’re reading this, thousands of internet marketers from all walks of life (and experience levels) will have visited this sub- forum. That’s thousands people that could be viewing whatever your selling.  

Now, in order to list a Warrior special offer you need to have made 30 posts on the actual forum itself. This is fairly easy to do, just make sure you don’t spam the forum. The Warrior forum is a great community and giving useless one or two word answers in topics is a sure-fire way to get you banned right off the bat and destroy your reputation. So, make your reply’s useful. 

The easiest way to do this is to find topics where someone’s looking for help with a problem and if you know anything that can help, reply Another great way to get your post count up AND improve your reputation at the same time is by contributing to the forum by starting your own useful topics.

Let’s say you’ve had a lot of success with Article marketing, you could write a quick topic titled “how I make money with article marketing” and just spend 20 minutes writing a detailed guide on exactly how you do it.

Not only will that get your post count up, but like I said, this will also improve your reputation on the forum, which will in turn improve your sales when you do run your WSO.

I already created a step by step guide on "How To Make Money Online with Warrior Forums"
Make Money Online with Warrior Forums Guide
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