This Guide is to give you a real way to make money with PayPal Cash Sysyem

You have read my guide salespage, right? 
So here's what you're going to learn: The Best Affiliate Programs to join to get instant affiliate commissions straight Getting Traffic To Those Offers Unlike most guide sellers, I am not here to give you a ton of information jargon. 
Information-overload is the biggest concern for most people. I don't want you to feel like you need to know everything to make this work. 
Let me give you a quick look on what you'll be doing: 
1) You will be selling other products as an affiliate 
2) Selling products that give you instant commissions that go straight to your PayPal account 
3) Getting traffic to those offers for quick cash 
What is affiliate marketing? 
Affiliate marketing is when you sell other peoples products in exchange for a commission. No this is not stealing. Product sellers do this so that they can get more sales without having to market the product. S you're doing the product seller a favor. 
What is instant affiliate marketing? 
Instant affiliate marketing takes on the idea of regular marketing but instead of waiting weeks you get payment RIGHT AWAY once the payment is made. 
Let's just get right into it: 
In this post, you're getting multiple techniques to get traffic to your affiliate offers. I don't want to bore you with tough information. I want you to go through this article in one hour, implement it, and start making some quick cash. Will you make $1,000 from this overnight, probably not? But in the next week or two, you could easily earn $300+ with this. 
Is it going to be easy? It could be. Results can happen. It has happened for me and always will. The key is to be consistent. Now that you know what affiliate marketing is, let's get started on where to find these offers: Affiliate Sites There are several I want to show you that could be perfect for you to use. 
This network has a ton of great products in all kinds of niches. It is free to join. The adaptive payments is what makes it free to do. They have wonderful customer support. You can see how the entire sales funnel works, but I don't want to worry about big words like that. 
So we'll stick to the basics. Digiresults is super simple to sign up to. It is really self explanatory. Again, I won't be showing how to sign up to them because this is super easy to do. They have a ton of niches, and you'll find a ton of products to sell through this platform. is another source for instant paypal commissions. The site is quite reliable as well. There are many IM products on here that others are selling on the WF. If you want a site with a variety of products and pretty good product salesletters, JVZOO is a good option. 
RapBank is a personal favorite of mine because of how long it has been online. I remember making some random sales on this site when I got started. Not every product is of utmost quality on this site. So use your own judgement when choosing a product.

Choosing a product

Choosing a product is really overrated. Sometimes, people over-think about finding one in the right niche because of the fact that they are going to be creating a website, so they need to not be in a too competitive niche. I'll be showing you how to get sales even without using a website or having to worry about how competitive it is. All you need to do is worry about the product being a in a helpful niche. Is the niche a problematic niche?
Does that specific product cure or solve a specific problem? 
1) The product should first BE HELPFUL! 
2) It should solve a problem 
3) The product should have a VERY CONVINCING SALESPAGE 
4) It should be selling ALRIGHT (the affiliate sites above really give you a quick idea on how much is being sold for that product) 
Now let's get on with how you are going to make sales! This is when it gets a little bit exciting because of what will happen. These strategies can be used to get you fast affiliate commissions. These are all different methods. 
1) Google Alerts Method 
2) Classified Ads Method 
3) Google Communities 
1) Google Alerts Method 
So, let's get on with Google Alerts first. Google Alerts is a powerful new resource that utilizes the power of the WHOLE ENTIRE INTERNET! This new alerts system simply allows you to sign up and get alerts for whenever any post is made on the topic of your choice. How does this work? Go to Simply type in at the top what you want to get alerts for. In this case, it is simply the products you are going to sell in your niche.
Here is a quick link to detail this: This will give you some info on how Google Alerts work Click on the option that sends you an alert as it happens and not just once a day. The alerts made will be given to you via email. Usually you'll get a new article, blog post, or even a new type of content that is available on the Internet. 
What is this though? How will this make me any money? 
Well, when you get a Google alert, simply visit the new website...... And guess what.... You're going to make a post in the comments about your own product you're selling. When you get the Google Alert, you can easily go straight to the article or post, and then find the comments section and leave a comment. It doesn't even matter if the link is clickable or not, what matters is that you can post it. 
Here is what you do: If this was for an anxiety product about getting rid of anxiety on an anxiety blog.... Post the following: "I didn't know about this until now about anxiety. I know exactly what it feels like when you get nervous and you can't function normally. 
I really would recommend using even more breathing exercises to help with this. Nothing beats having a good breath to help you function even better on top of this. I would recommend also using this to help you remove that anxiety even more: (link here)" This method is great because you don't have to do much unless you get the alerts. Just allow for yourself to make the posts after the alerts. 
Make sure that when you choose the keyword that you don't make it too generic. If you want to find articles about anxiety but want it to be a bit more targeted, please use something more specific like "social anxiety" or agoraphobia. This helps a lot with finding better articles with more targeted articles and content, but you can always do what you feels work for you.
Consider writing out a few generic responses to save in a spreadsheet or something. Just keep them handy and right next to you, and they should be very helpful. The best part about this method is that you can do this in EVERY TYPE OF niche. So you can setup an alert for 10+ niches and be filled every single hour on doing some form of marketing. 
Commenting is an old rule to develop some backlinks for other guys who want to get ranked fast, but it is definitely a good way to get some fast PayPal affiliate commissions. Let's take a look at how you can do this selling this iPhone app product. 
This product is about selling iPhone apps. 
I would simply setup a Google alerts system so that I could find out about the latest "iPhone apps". The alerts system simply let's you know of anything about iPhone apps. When I get an alert, I'll simply make a post about "how much I love iPhone apps, and how to actually try doing it 
Method 2) Classified Ads
Okay, so you're thinking, "oh gosh, I am not going to go on Craigslist again". Trust me, Craigslist is not what I'll be talking about. However.... Classified ads sites are still very powerful. Classified ads are still at the top of the world if you do it right. I am saying you will go on CL, but I am going to give you a quick way to get some quick cash from these sites. 
Here is what I do on these sites:
I choose one that I find to be very simple. Some of them don't even require any work at all to post an ad. No phone required. None of these sites get the same amount of attention that you can get on CL, but you'll find that these sites still give you a TON of traffic. 
If I were to sell the same product above, I would go to any job section, post an ad, and simply write something along these lines (if I were selling the same app):
"Make $$Thousands$$$$ Weekly From The App Store WITHOUT EVER MAKING Your Own App" 
"Want to know how to feel in big cash from the Apple App Store without ever making your own apps? I'll give you the secret tricks to creating a SUPER SUCCESSFUL iPhone app business that can earn you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every single month. 
Visit (affiloate link here) to find out how you can earn thousands from iTunes TODAY." Do you see how easy this is? You can just copy and paste this ad to different cities, states, and going from one place to another. 
I feel like the job listings are great, but always remember this phrase regardless of the niche: "Follow a niche that has a problem to allow for you to provide the solution" For example, this is why the health niche is so in demand. 
If you wanted to sell those weight loss products on Clickbank, you could always create an ad title like this: "Lose 20Lbs. 
In One Month.....CHEAP Personal Fitness Training" You never want to make it obvious you're selling some product online. You always want to make it seem like they're getting something tangible and worth the money. This is also why the breakup niche is also famous. Find a problem, provide the solution, and pocket the sale. 
Method 3) Google Communities 
Google Communities are a very popular section in the Google world. It is such a great thing to use because of how it works. I Wanted to save this as the last method because of how great it works. Follow this guideline to help you get started
What is Google Communities? 
These communities allow you to invite other people into your very own community. When they get put in that community and they accept your request, they are actually going to get your news feed. You want to have at least 100+ people or so in that community before you ever start advertising. Create a community that really addresses a specific problem. 
For example, you may want to start selling those anxiety products on RapBank or those Yoga eBooks from RapBank, and so you should consider creating a Google Community. These Google communities are so easy to setup, and they can be a great source for fast traffic. 
When you have hundreds of members, just send out a quick advertisement, and you got yourself a couple dozen clicks and several sales done in there. 
Tips: To get more members, join other communities in the same or similar niche. Join similar communities and make posts there. Contribute to them. And if you feel like you've contributed, don't be afraid to make a post selling your affiliate product. 
So if ever you're too tired to go and create your own Community, you can just join the communities yourself through your Gmail account, and then allow for yourself to start advertising there. Trust me, this is a great way to get some fast cash. If you wanted to sell the iPhone app business I gave you above, you could try selling that in a Community about "iTunes" or Apple electronics.
There you go! If you ever need any advice or help, you can always ask me for any help you need in below comment.
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