So you are looking for a way to make $300+/Week while spending  only half an hour on your computer right? This article will make you a master at reselling  and creating a good income with no investment at all! Everything included in this post is  completely Whitehat! Some methods are listed in steps, because they are not easy to  explain.   
You Needed: 
 A Paypal with a credit/debit so you have quick access to funds.   
A CowBoom and a bestbuy auction account.   
An Ebay account (the better the seller's account, the quicker you will get your money!   Common sense.

How To Make Money Online on Ebay

Method :1
Step 1:  First of all, you want to make an account on this website called CowBoom.  You will need to make an account for each sale you make on ebay. That should not be an  issue for you, being that making an account takes 2 minutes,           
Step 2:  Next, you want to find the product you would like to sell on ebay. This should be something  which is hot in the electronics market right now.   I decided to sell an Ipad mini.
Make Money Online on Ebay
You want to make an ebay account with the same Title as the cowboom listing, and copy  the description of the cowboom product into the ebay description. 
You want to list the product as preowned. List the price of the product slightly lower than  the other auctions on ebay, but not too low that you won't gain any profit.      
Step 3:     After a day or 2 Your listing will sell. Now you need to ship that product. The money  should be in your paypal, so you can go on to ordering the product off cowboom. You will  want to set the shipping address to the buyers address, and the billing address to your  address. After you order the product off cowboom, you should get a tracking code within 24  Hours.     
Then finally you can end up with an outcome of this: 
Make Money Online on Ebay
This is the most effective, whitehat, ebay method out there. You can earn a $20$50 Profit  per sale, and you   can let that money accumulate for whatever you want!      
Method 2: 
In this method you will be reselling Social Media Services. There are many ways you can  do this. A way I was able to make $100+ on this method was from selling instagram  followers  to my irl friends? I'm sure you have a few friends who have an instagram. 
Make Money Online on Ebay
Why not  selling them followers for $5/1k? After they pay $5 for their 1000 instagram followers, you  can purchase 1000 instagram followers off of HF to deliver to the user, there are services  on HF will sell instagram followers for $2.  
You can look in the social media networking section of hf for great deals on social media services. 
So you can make a 50+% Profit. You can mass advertise on websites such as MPGH,  Spigot, even resell on hf. You will be guaranteed to make $50+ If you advertise on several  websites. 
You can even list an Instagram account with 20k Followers for $60+ on Ebay.  Once somebody buys that listing, You bot followers on a brand new instagram account for  $20$40! Thats still a large profit, and the method WILL work! You can even make a little  website and advertise this to your friends over facebook!        
Method 3
Another great way to make cash is to make your own product!  I recommend cafepress for making these products and custom designing them.    We can design a neat product, say a TShirt made for a TV show!  For example: I'm sure you guys have heard of the show Sherlock.  
If you search Up Sherlock shirts on Ebay, you will find many different design, creative  slogans and awesome quotes from the character Sherlock himself! Frankly, these shirts  sell very well! 
Online on Ebay
We can make our own TShirt for any popular TV Show out there!  Lets make a Walking Dead TShirt!
You can choose any type of TShirt, starting at $17.99,    Click "Start Designing". All you need to do is find some logo of your TV show and put it on  the TShirt Designer! Make sure it looks good so people want to buy it! 
How To Make Money
After you create a design, click "Save for later."  and enter an email, cafepress will email you with a url for that design. This is where we start  selling our product. We will screenshot the picture of the TShirt with gyazo, or lightshot, We  can than list the shirt on Ebay for say, $23. Which is not terrible, if you sell these TShirts in  a large quantity. After someone purchases a TShirt from ebay, you can click the cafepress  link in your email, and order the tshirt to deliver to their address! 
That can lead to a $5$10  Profit for each tshirt you sell! I usually try to sell 10 Tshirt at a time, so I can make $50+  Per week!    
Method 4
In this method we will be using Fiverr to make testimonial videos. Many Product sellers on  HF will want a live vouch video. Whether it is for an Ebook or some website! Try to stay  away from the hacking scene on fiverr though.    
Fiverr testimonials
How To Make Money
You can make a thread on HF saying that you can make a convincing vouch video for  people's products consisting of 23 Testimonials by different people for $25$30.  On Fiverr, people charge $5 for testimonials. Thats the site big HF users like Ty use to  bring in a larger audience for their product!  So if someone buys your testimonial video for  $30, and you said in your service, you would provide a video with a live vouch from 3 other  guys, you are making a $15 profit with. 
You should try to order testimonials from people in  fiverr who have no orders in queue, so they can get their vouch video to you as soon as  possible.        
Method 5
Fiverr is such a great place for reselling things on HF. One thing I found pretty neat was  reselling Homework Services! 
Homework services on hackforums can charge up to $80,  the guys on Fiverr will do this HW starting at $5!  
The guys on Fiverr offer a wide selection of Homework, ranging from Java coding  Homework to even math and chinese homework!  
There are people on Fiverr who write Essays for $5 per 200 words. Thats not terrible, but  there are people on HF who charge more. Why not resell these services for $7 per 200 Words? Its easy pocket money.  Fiverr has so many services, you can even resell a coding  service for $50, while you only pay the guy on fiverr $5. Its insane. 
These methods do not require an  investment, but yet they teach you great places to outsource services and learn methods of  marketing and distributing services. There are no refunds for this guide. You will be  guaranteed a steady income if you follow all these steps. You will become the King of  Paypal.
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