CPA stands for ‘Cost Per Action’. I’m sure the majority of you know what CPA stands for but
for those who don’t, there are CPA networks that contain CPA offers. And these CPA offers
are what we make our money from.
CPA means cost per action, so every time an action is made by someone that has gone
through our affiliate link, we get credited the CPA for it.
How to Make Fast and Easy Cash with CPA Offers
Think Outside The Box
The reason most people don’t make money on the internet is because they think too linear
and don’t think outside of the box. You have to be creative and think in ways that the
majority of people don’t. Otherwise, by doing the same things everyone else is doing, you
will just get the same results everyone else is getting.
It is easy to make money online when you get your creative mind working.
I have included a report in this course called ‘Sign Up To A CPA Network.pdf’ and that
explains how you can get signed up to a CPA network & also my personal top 10 CPA
networks for you.
How to Make Fast Easy Cash With CPA Offers is for those that don’t have a
great budget to work with.
However, This Article is designed to help those who don’t have a great budget to build some
income & savings.
I made around $1300 on October 25th, which was split in 2 because of the deal I’ve got as
you’ll see when you’ve gone through this guide. So In one day I made $650 with this method, all profit as there’s no spending involved.
You get a few days of making this much and you’ll have a nice chunk saved that you can
invest in to my next post about make money with CPA Network. to make some serious coin. What is good about this guide is that you don’t need much of a budget, in fact you don’t need any budget whatsoever! What I really want you to do is to build up some savings with this method to fund in my next post, so please do try & do so. 
I know it will be tempting to spend the money you make with this method but if you invest it into my another method you will make a heck of a lot more in the long run.

Finding an offer

The first step in method of this course is to find an offer that you are going to promote to make money. Now when you are looking for an offer for this method you want to take a few things in to consideration. These include –
1. Ease of completion for the user
2. How much you get paid
3. Requires as little personal information as possible
4. The user can benefit from it
5. Doesn’t cost the user anything to complete
6. Normally an email or a zip submit
Like the last bullet point says, these types of offers are normally email or zip submit offers.
So before we can start searching for our offers, you need to head over to some CPA
networks and get signed up. Here’s a list of my top 5 CPA networks so head over to them
and start signing up. I also included a free guide in this course that explains how to get
signed up to CPA networks with ease, it’s called ‘Sign Up To A CPA Network.pdf’ so open
that up when signing up to the following networks –
1. CX Digital Media / Incentaclick (
2. Neverblue Ads (
3. Clickbooth (
4. ROI Rocket (
5. Copeac (
Now once signed up we can start looking for the offers. If you have trouble signing up then make
sure you refer to the ‘Sign Up To A CPA Network.pdf’ report included in this course.

Choosing An Offer

Ok we’re signed up & ready to find an offer. Remember what I said to keep in mind when choosing an offer. So on CX Digital I have used this offer that I have been having some good success with –
It is the Apple iPad Email Submit LP3 offer. Here’s the landing page –
  1. Now remembering what I said about things to keep in mind –
  2. Ease of completion for the user: The offers is easy to complete for the user
  3. How much you get paid: You want to get paid at least $1 for the offer, we’re doing large volumes of people so the difference in $0.10 may be small but when we’re talking about 1000 people, and extra $0.10 a lead is an extra $100 overall. You get paid $1.25 every time someone signs up for this offer so it’s good.
  4. Requires as little personal information as possible: It only requires the user to submit their email which most people don’t mind sharing
  5. The user can benefit from it: The user gets a chance to test an iPad and keep it for free
  6. Doesn’t cost the user anything to complete: All it requires is the user to submit their email which is the least personal information you have
  7. Normally an email or a zip submit: Yes, this is an email submit
Feel free to use this offer too as it’s been working for me as it is very broad to who it can
target because the iPads are so popular at the moment. But I do recommend finding an
offer that is specific to an audience if possible. We’ll go in to detail in a bit with who we’re
targeting, but say we’re targeting sports fans, then an offer about iPads might not do as well
as an offer that is to do with the World Cup for example. These are things you have to test &
see what works best for your audience.
Ok so now you know what you need to look for in an offer, go and find one that fits all the
The reason I have one of the points as ‘The user can benefit from it’ is because you don’t want to make it seem like you’re benefiting from it. If anything you want to make it seem like something cool you found & signed up for that they might be interested in too so you
thought you’d share it with them.
If you don’t come from this angle and you come across with an agenda then they might think it’s a scam and won’t sign up as well as harming your audience. So if you want to use the offer I’ve been using recently then it’s on CX Digital Media, it’s called ‘Apple iPad - Email - US - LP 3’ and the campaign ID is 7832.
It requires approval so speak to your affiliate manager and ask them to approve you. Say you’re sending social media traffic and you should be good to go.


Finding Someone to JV with

Now that we have our offer, we need to find the person to JV with. JV means Joint Venture, which means a joint business proposition. Now we aren’t talking someone with access to a few hundred people. We’re looking for someone with ideally access to at least a couple thousand people such as someone on twitter with a load of followers, or the owner of a group on facebook with a load of members etc.
However that doesn’t mean it’s not worth going through and finding the potential JV’s with access to less than this too. People with groups that have access to under 1,000 are still worth contacting because not many people contact them to do a JV, if at all.
1,000 visitors you can probably make $50 from, so if you get 10+ of these groups then you’ve got an extra $1000 than you would have had if you didn’t contact them! So as for an example, I can’t say who but I got in touch with a twitter member with over 80,000 followers about a JV. All they did was make a couple of tweets and as you can see we made $650 EACH IN A DAY. 
Being realistic, it wasn’t even a day, it was more like a couple hours. So that’s not bad considering it was just a couple tweets, we got over 15000 clicks, a 6.8% conversion rate which was a profit of $1296. There were not costs involved so it was all profit, then split by 2 was $650 each.
Targeting Twitter followers gets a lower click through & conversion rate than Facebook groups but as you can see it still does well if you get someone with enough dedicated followers. One of my friends locked down a JV with a twitter member that had over 400,000 users and made $2400, each!
What is good about contacting followers or group members is that you instantly have the audience’s trust because it’s from a trusted source so we skip the ‘trying to sell’ part. This means it is much easier to get conversions.
Now like I said previously, it depends on your offer who you are going to target. But with the iPad offer I’ve been using it is broad enough to where you could promote it to pretty much any large following or group. So what we’re going to do now is find facebook groups & twitter members with large followers. Facebook groups should have at least 1000 members and twitter members should have at least 25,000 followers.
You can find as many as you want, but I recommend finding at least 20 groups on Facebook with at least 1,000 members and 20 members on twitter with at least 25,000 followers. You don’t want to target people who are legitimate businesses or celebrities though, more like un-official fan pages and interests as from experience I have had little or in most cases no response when they’re official fan pages or official followings.
Go and find your groups & twitter members now.
This is just a quick idea but these are the sorts of groups you want to look for. People that have joined groups that are general interests, not really anything serious. The groups that are made more for ‘fun’ are the ones that seem to do best with this strategy.
As you can tell it’s a ‘fake’ account so not an official one so people only follow because they
provide good tweets. Search around and gather a bunch of groups & twitter members you could JV with. The more the better for this method, the more you can contact to higher your chances are of making good money. Now that you should have your facebook groups & twitter members gathered we can move on.

Approaching your JV

We are now going to need to write up a draft message to your potential JV, what we want to focus on is them having to hardly do any work and make money. I usually send a 1st message that’s brief. The reason I do this is because a long message to begin with can be overwhelming and put a potential JV partner off.
So my first message would be something like the following –
‘Hey (THEIR NAME), I noticed your (group/following/fan base) is pretty big. I’m an internet marketer & know a way you & I could team up and make around $X together at the same time as giving your followers something cool. I’ll do all the hard work so it will be easy money for you. Hit me back if you’re interested and I’ll send you the game plan, won’t take long. Cheers, (YOUR NAME)’
You can even try and shorten it if you can, but that’s along the lines of what I say in the first message. Now don’t expect everyone to respond, because they won’t. In fact you’d think everyone would respond but it takes patience and finding the right angle to come from hen approaching your potential JVs. But contact enough people and eventually you will get responses.
Assuming you no get some responses, in the second message make sure to include the
following in your message to your JV - You do this all the time and know how you can make some money together It’s easy money for them
  • You will do all the hard work
  • They will be able to track & see conversions and watch the money roll in – give them the login to your joint account
  • Let them know how much they could make
  • How you will pay them – find out the best way for both of you
  • No risk involved for them whatsoever
I’m usually quite brief on how you find your CPA offer because it could give it away and they won’t need you anymore. But 99% of people aren’t that computer savvy so they won’t know what to do or how to find the CPA offers. Your Link There are a couple of things you can do once you’ve got your link.
You get your link from signing in to your CPA account and going to the offer you want to promote. Then when you click on your offer, and there will be a box with a long URL that should say ‘your affiliate URL’ or ‘your affiliate link’ or something similar. That is your link that you need to send people through. If they don’t go through your affiliate link then you will not get credited for any sign ups.
Now what I normally do is copy my affiliate link and go to (With this URL shortening service you can get shorten a long ugly affiliate link to short link like
I know some people like to have their own domain and you can do that & set up domain forwarding if you want. I’ve included a guide on how to set up your own website if you’re interested in doing that. I’ve tried doing both websites and forwarding them to my affiliate link, as well as doing the URL shortener approach, and found that the domain vs URL shortener on twitter doesn’t have much difference, but the domains do seem to do a bit better. On facebook however, I’ve personally found that an actual domain does better than the URL forwarding.
So head on over to ‘Setting Up Your Own Website.pdf’ that I included for free in this course if you’re interested in finding out how to set up your own website or find out how to forward your domain to your affiliate link.

Tracking Conversions

Now you’ve got your offer, your JV partner ready to roll, your link is live & ready for traffic to be sent, we need to decide how to track conversions. The easiest way I’ve found is to speak to your affiliate manager at your CPA network, and ask them to create a new account for a JV you’ve got going with someone and they need to be able to check stats without seeing your stats from personal campaigns. So you need a new account for this.
Ask to fill the new account with ‘business’ information if you don’t want your personal information, but I don’t see the problem with showing your personal information on your account if you’re running a successful JV together. Noting to hide if you do it right!
3, 2, 1...
You’re almost ready to take everything live! Once all set up, write a message for the owner to send to their followers such as (using the
ipad offer example) –
‘Hey guys, 
I just entered in this competition myself because I’ve been dying to get an iPad but they’re so darned expensive I couldn’t get one yet. 
Thought you might be interested too, you can get an iPad for free just for testing it, perfect timing or Xmas! You can find out more here – (YOUR WEBSITE REDIRECT LINK TO OFFER)’
Get it sent and see how you do! Don’t expect $600 on your first JV, it takes a couple to get used to it but you will make a few hundred bucks if you do it half right with enough visitors. Get behind the viewers, and think what would make you click if you got sent a message or
saw a tweet about an offer like that.
Now like I said at the start, this part of the method is for those who are on a budget. My next method is where the real money’s at. I’ve had some campaigns with JVs where in one day we contacted over 80,000 followers, had about a 20% click through rate to the offer, and a 6.8% sign up rate with a $1.25 payout.
Together we made $1296.25 which was just under $600 each. That was just one JV campaign we ran recently tat I did for an example for this course.
Better yet, we’re already planning more JVs together after the success of that one. $600 for a good JV and campaign is normal with this, it’s when you can get a few JV campaigns like this plus the smaller ones it is easily achievable to make $2k in a day. I’ve had more than a handful of $2k days with this so they’re definitely doable if you put the time in.
That’s important. So the last note is that the JVs that do work with you on this, stay in touch with and do as many JVs with them as possible. That’s how you’ll make most o your money compared to time input.
A couple other tips are to also try and contact bloggers or other people that have large followings aside from Twitter & Facebook, social traffic like this holds a goldmine of money to be made.
Once you’ve got I’d say at least $3,000 saved up from this, ideally $5,000, I highly recommend investing that funding in to next method. That’s where the real moneys at.
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