So far, we've gone through, in detail, what attributes you're looking for when picking an opportunity. It's a combination of a worthwhile amount of traffic, a market full of hungry buyers, a keyword related to buying, and an acceptable level of competition. 
So, how do you actually find these keywords? 

Well, first of all we need to decide on a general area to look in. Basically... we need somewhere to start our search. 
Makes sense right? 
Therefore, we need what's called a root keyword. A root keyword is usually one or two words which are commonly associated with a market. They are the first words you would type in, if you knew nothing about the market in question. 

An example of a root keyword could be "affiliate marketing" or "lose weight". Now, truthfully, more experienced marketers will already have a pretty good knowledge of what markets sell and which don't, so they can afford to just type random root keywords into the keyword tool and skip this section. 

So if you are in that category, note that this section isn't for you. This section is for the guys reading this who have literally no idea where to start.

So here's how to quickly brainstorm topics and come up with a place to start your search. 

There are two approaches I use. 

First there's: The market led way This is looking for a keyword within a specific market. The easiest place to start if you're new to this is by writing about something you're interested in. I mean, why not? At this stage you're just as likely to find a worthwhile opportunity in a market you're interested in as you are in one you've got no experience with. 

So, if you like Golf then use Golf as your root keyword for the next section of this chapter. Now, it's always easier to write about stuff you're genuinely interested in because... 

One, you're passionate about it and it will come out through the `personality' of your site (more on that later) And two, because you'll already presumably know a lot about the subject saving you research time. 

And if you'd prefer to write about another topic, then there are literally thousands of ways to come up with ideas. There's no wrong way to do it, so use whatever method you want. You could try browsing some forums, reading the newspaper or any other methods you can think of. 

My personal favourite is to go on yahoo answers ( and just browse through the various questions that people are asking. 

You can get a lot of ideas that way. You can also use Yahoo answers spot possible gaps in the market. This is actually another little gold nugget of mine... 

If lots of people are asking similar questions on Yahoo then it's likely that they've conducted a search on Google and not found any quality results, which has driven them to yahoo answers to find the answer to their problem. 
You could capitalize by building a simple website based around that keyword, and promoting a related product while answering their question. Then, people with that problem in the future won't need to go to Yahoo answers since they'll find your site first.

Whatever niche you decide on though, remember that you'll need to monetize it, so make sure it's got products to promote and desperate buyers too. Because of this factor, I tend to use the product led way. 
For example, I'd love nothing more than to create a website on surfing, as it's a big hobby of mine, but there's no (or not enough) money in it.w The product led way This is the method that I recommend because as I said earlier, you can write about almost anything (and become an expert too with enough free research). 

The most important thing is that you make money doing it. So, it's better to make sure you can make money from the niche first. Therefore, I tend to look for a product or group of products, that look like they would sell and THEN try to think of root keywords that describe what they're about. 

How do I find these products? 

It's all in video one, so make you watch that. Remember that this is a "multimedia course", and some things are just much easier to "get" when I show you how to do it on video, rather than just explaining it in words. So before we continue..
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