We've looked at it from a `market or niche level' which would be things like: affiliate marketing, approaching women, make money with Forex, stock trading robots e.t.c. 

Notice I said stuff like approaching women instead of men's dating advice- Not too general but not too specific either. Now we need look at it from the keyword level, which is more specific to our site. 

This is one of my little nuggets of gold (if you can call it that) and is something that many marketers who aren't experienced with Adwords and something called negative keywords forget about. Don't worry if you don't know what that means. 

How to Find Money Making Keywords in Your Niche

Okay. Just because you're getting free traffic through this system it doesn't mean that you shouldn't scrutinize how profitable that keyword actually is. Here's an example of a keyword phrase that applies to almost any market that's got all the elements of the equation except buyers... fecant. "product name torrent" or "product name rapidshare". 

For example, for one of my recent affiliate marketer I targeted the Clickbank product "Commision blueprint". And when deciding what phrase to target I came across (as you always do) the torrent variation of the keyword, so "commission blueprint torrent". 

And guess what? It had a ton of traffic. It had close to no competition. And it was in a very profitable niche ­ the buyer was obviously interested in that product. But... 

The visitors wouldn't have been buyers. Why? Because they were looking for a torrent (a free download). Now, you're right in thinking that sure, SOME people after finding that there is no free download (in this case there wasn't a torrent available) would then go on to purchase it. They might've just thought they could see if they could get it for free first. But use your common sense... think. 

The chances are that if they're that type of internet user: regular downloader (since they're familiar with torrent sites), social bookmarking sites frequenter etc. 

They probably wouldn't buy it anyway. They were probably (and this is a sweeping generalization here), looking for a freebie. The individual keyword you're targeting should not be a browsing keyword like `cameras', instead, it should be more closely linked to buying or a specific problem. 

If you were doing this for stuff other than Clickbank products for example, you could make a site about a specific model of camera that had an affiliate program. Or another example, a keyword like "how to lose weight fast" would be a good one to use because the searcher clearly has a problem that they want to solve. 

And it's a problem they'll pay to solve too (since weight loss is massive billion dollar market). Also, remember that you're very unlikely to be able to rank for a broader keyword like "cameras" or "weight loss" anyway, you'd have way too many competitors, so stick to quite specific terms. 

Here are the three keyword rules: 
  1. It must be related to buying or targeting a market thats needs (problems) are closely related to what the product offers. 
  2. Long tail, usually. Why? Because the shorter keywords probably won't be buying keywords and more importantly you won't be able to rank for them. Broad keyword terms are the realm of the authority sites. So usually go for keywords with 3 or more words in. Not just 1 or 2 words. 
  3. And the final rule: Over 3,000 searches per month

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