How to find High effective keywords Step by Step

So, after I've decided on a root keyword what I do is try to write down just 5 keywords (not the product name at this stage) that are closely related to it. If I'd found a product that was about how to talk to women for example, off the top of my head I'd write down:
  • How to talk to women
  •  Pick up lines 
  • Talking to women 
  • Conversation women 
  • Pick up girls

That took about 20 seconds and you really don't need to be scientific about it. It just gives you a better starting point than typing in a single root keyword. Now, enter each one into the Google keyword planner and at the bottom of the page select `download all keywords to .csv (for Microsoft excel)'. 
Link to keyword planner -
effective keywords
Be aware that it's unlikely any of the keywords on this page will be your website keyword, particularly if it's a `mainstream' market like make money online, dating, weight loss etc. Why? Because thousands of marketers will have seen that exact same page and would have no doubt capitalized on any opportunities. 

So, my secret is digging a little deeper...

Open up the excel document where all of the keywords you found are, and sort them by `average search volume' so that those with the highest volume are at the top. Now, sift through the all of the keywords that get over 3,000 per month (if you're using my rule) and basically type each one into the keyword tool, to find longer tail variations of that keyword. 

When I say sift in the spreadsheet, skip the keywords which aren't specific to your product (keyword tool will give some unrelated results). So in the above example, I wouldn't dig deeper into the term "women talking" because someone searching for that's probably not going to be interested in a guide about seducing women. 

Now, when you dig deeper by typing in each keyword with 3,000+ searches from the spreadsheet into the keyword tool, you're then going to go through each of the keywords that the tool comes up with to hopefully find a winner (a keyword that fulfils the criteria I gave you earlier on in the chapter). 

The only step left at this stage should be to identify the level of competition. Which is simple enough, just type the keywords from the keyword tool into Google and see what comes up using the guidelines I gave you earlier. With practice, you'll be able to get an overall picture of whether you can compete or not in less than a minute. 

Save time by using your common sense... 

Don't bother typing in the obvious keywords (like the ones with 40,000 searches a month), look for the more obscure ones, ones that are still related to buying/a problem, but competition won't be as high. 

So, that's how I find my keywords. You may have your own way. Mine may seem like a long winded process but it's really not. If you sit down for 30 minutes, an hour at the most, and really blaze through these keywords looking for one that meets all the strict criteria, you will usually find one if not several. 

Obviously, there are some circumstances where you just won't find one no matter how hard you look, and there's some where you'll find several in the space of ten minutes ­ That's a situation where I'd make multiple websites within the same niche. 

Still a bit lost? 

No problem, this is an area that will make much more sense once you watch video two.
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