For Detailed Instructions on How to Choose What Niche To Go into and a Winning Product

And for those who'd rather watch it later... 

Here's some quick guidelines anyway (I'm not going to go into it in detail) for choosing a product on Clickbank.

How to Choose Winning Product Niche Market


Now, while I don't advise sticking solely to Clickbank, it is the best place to start. 
So when looking for a product on the Clickbank marketplace keep the following in mind: ·

  1. How much it pays: Go for one which pays more per sale if its gravity is also high. (Don't be afraid to promote the higher ticket i.e. higher priced productsYou'll earn more money!) 
  2. High gravity: Usually will convert better = more money for you. 
  3. The higher the gravity the harder it will be to find low competition keywords because they'll be more competition in the niche. This is also true even if the product has low gravity, but it is in a very popular niche such as weight loss. 
  4. Try to find products where you earn commission on the backend sale too (a second sale that's usually presented to the customer straight after purchasing the first item). It all adds up... Who doesn't want to earn more money out of the same customer by then getting commission on a SECOND product too?
But make sure to watch the video where I discuss all of these points in a lot more detail. 

Ok, so by now you've (hopefully) decided on a product or niche to target, and come up with a general search term like "golf". Now I'm going to show you the process I use to find the actual keywords.
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