Overview To succeed as an Online Marketer you must always be building your list, and strengthening your eMail marketing skills. The ability to which you are able to do this is based on your authority within the marketplace. 
However, I am here to tell you that adding `X' number of subscribers won't mean much if they aren't `responsive'. You get responsive subscribers on your list through targeted opt-ins. 
How To Build Email List with YouTube

Build Email List with YouTube

By following what I will lay out in the strategy I'm about this disclose you will start adding highly responsive subscribers to your list. Better yet, I'm going to tell you how to add these `RESPONSIVE' leads for free? Yep FOR FREE! You're in luck as the `this guide' approach does just that. 
I have successfully used this strategy, and the use of video marketing is deadly effective. My strategy lends itself to almost any field including 
1) Make Money Niche - IM, MMO, MLM, etc. 
2) Evergreen/Hungry/Embarrassing Niches 
Build Email List with YouTube will results since: - 
  • You generate nearly instant ROI as you aren`t PAYING FOR TRAFFIC. 
  • The Internet Marketers Holy Grail.
  • Your video has `Staying Power'. As long as you're not spamming your Channel, your YouTube powers will only increase. 
  • The video will remain indefinitely. Serving its revenue generating mission.
  • Videos can easily be created through free tools, or PowerPoint
  • If done correctly, video marketing has the highest response rates. It simply captivates your audience, increase their awareness and appetite for your wares, and emotionally ties them to your `Authority.



To actually make money from the this idea you need to: 
1) Research - Research the market. You have to know what keywords will yield results. You need a firm foundation under which you can launch successful campaigns. Keywords will be the key to your video marketing success. 
2) Content - Creating the video. Unfortunately throwing up just any `content' simply won't cut it. In today's `Attention Busting' world you need to captivate your audience and then bring them to action. 
3) The offer. You must have something that your audience desires. You can create the most effective video. But if there isn't a genuine interest, well nothing else will matter. Your job as a marketer is to deliver `Value'. Value will only come from satisfying a need or fulfilling a want. 
4) Call To Action. You must move your audience to action. If you can't create an emotional response nothing else will matter.
Primary Niche Overview There are two types of niches. Make Money Online (MMO) and Hungry Markets. Make Money Niches ­ These are either business opportunity or network marketing related. 
We normally think of offers on Warrior+ or JVZoo. Hungry Market Niches ­ These are what will usually call `Evergreen Niches' and `Embarrassing Niches'. 
Niches full of info products which are always in demand. A quick review of the top Clickbank sellers will include:
Build Email List with YouTube
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