My Story of My 25K Week System

Having read this far, you already know the nitty-gritty details, but let me show you exactly what I did to bring in $25,000 over a 3 day period (Friday through Sunday) in January of this year. I started on a Monday night with Step One. 
I already had the idea of using existing websites to crack the Top Ten with Google search results (pretty much a necessity with me, since I can t design a website to save my own life). 
So I did some brainstorming and decided to focus on smaller cities (100,000 to 200,000 in population well after my $25k weekend, I raised my upper limit to 300k). My thinking was that in cities that size, there are going to be enough businesses in any normal niche to fill up four or five pages of search results. Add in all of the yellow pages aggregator sites, and it becomes more like six to eight pages. 
All I would need would be one vendor in any niche to see the value to letting me work for free until there were some tangible results, and I would be on my way. So for Step One I did a Google search as I described earlier and found the Wikipedia page with the listing of all the cities with populations greater than 100,000. It only took a minute or so to complete. 
For Step Two, I had already decided I wanted to work in the legal niche, since I had a lot of familiarity with lawyers. I spun through the yellow pages and made a list of 10 different sub-niches that all generate a lot of cash for lawyers who build up a steady stream of clients. I finally decided to focus on one of them (and there is no way in hell I m going to say which one that is too many people buy these things and decide to invade the territory of the author rather than find their own niche).
For Step Two I spent about 45 minutes. 
Step Three (finding the money keywords) only took a few minutes as well. I did a Google Keyword search using the name of the legal niche I decided upon and scanned the list of results, taking note of the words and phrases that generated the most searches in a month. I took notes on the keywords that had the most searches, as well as any variations in the words (pluralizing, etc.). This step took about 5 minutes for each city I was targeting, or just under an hour total.
Step Four was the most time intensive for me. 
It took around 20-30 minutes per city to scroll through the printouts I made from Google, isolating those websites that looked like they were forever banned to the back pages of the search results. Since I was focusing on 10 cities, it took a grand total of about 5 hours to draw up my list. Since I have self-diagnosed ADD, I spread this 5 hours out over two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) as I tended to take a lot of breaks and dealt with a lot of unrelated tasks in that time. 
Step Five took me about an hour to write the email and then send it out ten times, to ten different sets of names. I did this on a Thursday evening, figuring that most of my prospects would see the email on Friday morning and start contacting me immediately. 
Step Six was where I had my $25,000 weekend. My guesstimation in Step Five proved to be true. I started getting emails Friday morning from prospects who were interested in what I had to offer. Literally every single one of them said they were most impressed by my offer to complete the job before I got paid. This was the deal clincher for all of them. The emails continued through Friday night, all day Saturday, and even a few on Sunday. I had 5 deals already locked in by 5 p.m. 
Friday, 4 more on Saturday, and the last one closed Sunday afternoon. At that point they were all verbal agreements, since I wanted original signed contracts from everyone, and the earliest I could get them in the mail would be Monday. But for about 8 hours of actual work during the preceding 5 days, I ended up with $25,000 worth of signed contracts, and 10 clients who were anxiously awaiting me to work my magic on their websites. Three weeks later, the Google Dance had ended for all of them, and we were in the 14 day countdown. 
A couple of them had sites that dropped off Page One and back to Page Two for a few days (grrrrrr!) so I had to start over with the 14 days. But the other eight sailed through the two week period, and at the end of the 14 days I asked to be paid. All eight of them sent checks. Ten days later, I got checks from the remaining two clients. 
I had already proven to myself once that I could move a website onto Page One (see the case study, below). Now I proved to myself I could handle multiple clients at one time. So at that point I took my own advice from Step Ten. Rinse and Repeat. There is no reason you can t see the same level of success if you ll just stick to my steps as I have them outlined for you.

Case Study

The very first website I ever did this kind of SEO for belongs to a friend of mine who practices Probate law in a city of around 250,000 people. There are dozens of probate lawyers in that town (somewhere between 40 and 50 a few are very part time so it s hard to count them, even though they too have websites). My friend had a website that was provided to him by the phone company after he signed a contract for a large ad in the local yellow pages. 
The yellow pages web designer customized the site so that it had his name, address and phone number on the 5 pages, but otherwise it was a total cookie cutter site, one they give to probate attorneys throughout the state. The problem was, the phone company actually hosted the site, and my friend has no idea how to gain access to it so I could make some  on-page SEO changes. 
So on-page SEO was a non-starter. All we had to work with was linking. He gave me permission to start my SEO linking campaign at the start of the month. I did some digging around and found that for two of his four money keywords, he was on Page 4 of Google. For two others, he was nowhere to be found in the first 10 pages. For grins I also checked Yahoo and Bing. 
On Yahoo he was also on Page 4 for the same two keywords as Google, and nowhere in the first 10 pages for then other two. On Bing he was simply invisible for all 4 phrases: nowhere to be found in the first 10 pages. So I knew I had my work cut out for me. And my friend was less than optimistic. Apparently he s had several SEO Experts tell him about the marvelous things they could do for his site for a price. To make a long story short, I did exactly what I lay out for you in Step Seven, above. 
I spent 5 days posting 30 links, using Angela s Links, and then using Craigslist to link back to a few of them, to get them crawled and indexed. I told him not to expect any great results too soon, and that it would likely be a couple of weeks before we saw any improvement in his rankings. The following Monday (seven days after I posted the first of the links) his site was on Page One, in the 10th slot. It stayed there 2 days, and then dropped back to Page 4, where it remained through the end of that week. The next Monday the site had dropped to Page Six (and you can imagine how happy I was to see THAT!) but on Tuesday he vaulted to Page Two, Slot 2. 
He remained on Page 2 for two more days, then on Friday jumped to Page One, Slot 8. The Google Dance was more or less over at that point. Page One was achieved (in exactly 18 days) and now the only thing left to do was to crawl to the top. The next Monday he started still on Page One, Slot 8, but then moved up mid week to Slot 6. 
He stayed in Slot 6 for about a week, and then moved to Slot 5. A week later he was in Slot 4, and right now is in Slot 3 (behind one aggregate advertiser, who has both Slots One and Two). He s been there for 3 months now. 
I only used the first 30 links I got from Angela, and never added another link to his site (this was an unpaid experiment on my part). But I am going to add more links in the coming months, just to try and blast him into the Number 1 slot out of pride and principle. 
And for the record, his site does not contain any of the money keywords in either the title or the domain name. There are no H1 tags (or H anything else for that matter) on his site. He s not in the Yahoo Directory or DMOZ. 
In short, his site is about as un-optimized as it can be from an on-page standpoint. And he s #3 on Google for his main keyword. Oh, and he s now #1 on Yahoo for the same. But he s still invisible on Bing. Oh well. You can t win em all.
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