Before you list your first item on eBay, browse through the site and look at other seller’s products. Examine the pictures of the merchandise they are selling and read the descriptions of the items.
What do you like or dislike about the seller’s listed auction? 
What caught your attention and made you look at that particular item instead of the other 1500 items that were listed in the same category? Critique other seller’s listings so you can apply your new knowledge to your own auction.

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Four rules that should be followed are:
1. Take clear, bright pictures of the item you are selling (using a tripod to ensure the pictures are in sharp focus). 
2. Write a concise description of the item that is for sale. 
3. Disclose all defects that the item has; do not try to hide any imperfections. 
4. Never misinform or lie to a potential buyer.
Rule number 1 is pretty obvious. Have you ever scrolled down an eBay page looking at some items for sale? If the seller hasn’t posted an image of the item in the gallery, I don’t bother to click on the item title to see what is there. If a seller can’t afford the 35 cents to post an image in the gallery he is obviously not motivated to sell his wares. 
Likewise, have you ever been interested in someone’s listed item but the picture is so blurred or out of focus you can’t really see the product? Sometimes, the picture is so bad, you can’t tell what they’re selling! You want to show off your item to catch a prospective buyer’s attention so please take clear pictures. A few months ago I was browsing through weight lifting equipment on eBay. 
I had a weight lifting set that I planned to sell and I wanted to get an idea of what people had to offer. I ran across an item that listed gym equipment for sell for $20,000 with no pictures and just a brief description. I noticed the seller was new (this was their first listing) and I felt a little sorry for them and emailed them with some advice. 
I advised them they needed to insert some photos of individual equipment and maybe a photo of the whole gym. I explained that with them being new to eBay and auctioning equipment for such a high price and no photos, no one would bid on their gym equipment. 
I offered this advice in a friendly manner and the person did email back and said there was too much equipment to photograph and they just couldn’t list everything that was for sale. Needless to say no one bid on the gym equipment and the seller still had to pay the eBay fees for running the ad. You would think they learned their lesson but a week later the same ad ran again with the same results.

Some Important Rules to Help Your Sales

The first important rule and the best advice I can give a newbie eBay business seller is get organized. After you have purchased your merchandise for auctions, take a couple hours or days and photograph each item. Then write a clear, informative description of the item. Doing this ahead of time will save time and you will be able to place all your merchandise up for auction whenever you desire without having to get the camera out or tax your mind with writing. 
This will become important as your business grows and your time is limited. Rule number 2 and 3 should be self explanatory. Let the potential buyer know exactly what they are bidding on. Give them all the pertinent details of the item up for auction and if you don’t know the make or model year, let them know. 
Also, disclose any defects or blemishes the item may have. Don’t try to hide a defect or scratch as this is dishonest and may lead to an unhappy buyer. Treat your buyers as customers. Rule number 4 should be followed in all your everyday dealings. Don’t lie to anyone you’re doing business with. You want to grow your eBay business and the best way to do this is by selling a good product at a good price and treating people fairly.

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Tools for EBay Sellers

There are many tools you can utilize to help market your wares. You can find some of these tools for free on the web and others you need to purchase. There are hundreds of E-books offered on the web to assist beginning eBay sellers and there are classes offered at an affordable price. It may benefit you to save the money you earn selling your own cast-offs and take an eBay class before beginning your business venture. Gaining knowledge is an asset to any quest. There are even computer programs available to aid your research on eBay. 
They can help you to determine:
Whether a product will sell and for how much Ways to increase a listing´s chances of selling Ways to boost your profits on each listing Market trends for your specific product The size of the market and your specific competition.
Get Items to the Buyer
After you have made the sale, you need to ship the item. One important lesson is to learn how to calculate the cost of shipping for items. It will not benefit your business if you charge the customer $3.00 for shipping and it cost you $5.00 to ship. It is also very bad business to gouge the buyer with high shipping costs. 
You can purchase a small postal scale to weigh your items. You can calculate shipping costs based on the weight of the item by using UPS, FedEx or USPS web sites. For heavier items, use a bathroom scale and weigh yourself and then weigh yourself holding the boxed item. The difference will be the weight of the boxed item you plan to ship.
Having boxes, tape and packing supplies available is a plus. To save time and frustration, it is best to have a shipping box ready for the item you are auctioning. This way you can have the item packed and ready to attach a shipping label on the box. I once sold a target, compound bow that I was no longer using.
The odd shape of the bow made it hard to pack so I looked around for a couple of weeks until I found the right size box for shipping. (I could have taken the compound bow to a UPS shipping center and let them pack it for me for an outrageous charge). After finding the right size box and packing up the bow, I listed the item on eBay and it sold in 2 days. As you can see, it was smart to find the right size box before putting it up for auction. 
Sold items need to be mailed off as quickly as possible to the customer. The more positive feedback you receive from customers the higher your rating will be. The higher you’re rated, the more trust customers have in you.

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