As with any business that deals with the public, you will have unhappy customers. Whether it is the quality of the product they bought, the time in shipping transit or the price they paid, customers will complain.
You need to resolve the complaint as fast and efficiently as possible. It is much better if you and the customer can resolve any issues by yourselves. PayPal does have a Buyer Protection Plan which is suppose to protect both buyers and sellers. 

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Notice, I said “suppose” to protect sellers. It really protects buyers so I suggest if you sell anything over $25.00 (or whatever amount you decide you can’t afford to lose) to add shipping insurance in the shipping and handling that you charge the customer. That way if a customer says the parcel was lost or damaged, you can recoup your money. 
A claim of a lost item may mean you refund the customers purchase price (less shipping and handling) or give them a discount on a future buy. How well you resolve the complaint may pay off in sales in the future. Once again, read “Don’t Get Burned on eBay” by Shauna Wright for great insight on eBay selling.
In review, the steps needed for a successful eBay business are: 
1. Read all tutorials for eBay and PayPal 
2. Register with eBay and PayPal 
3. Select suitable merchandise 
4. Photograph and write up description of item to be auctioned 
5. List the merchandise for auction 
6. Ship auctioned item to bid winner 
One of the biggest mistakes a newbie eBay seller makes is not reading the rules and regulations for eBay and PayPal. 
I mentioned this at the beginning of this article but want to stress its importance. To make money selling you must follow certain guidelines which will protect you and your earnings. Setting your goal of $100 a day in eBay sales is viable. 
You need to research your products and plan for this business to succeed. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or failing, just work hard to reach your goals. When you have those first sales under your belt you will know what it feels like to be a winner.
You can earn an income from selling merchandise or services on eBay. Earning $100 a day is not unreasonable and after a month or more your earnings could certainly increase. 
Happy eBaying

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